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Wellness Embodied

Wellness Embodied is a physiotherapy and allied health practice specialising in treating the whole person, not just the body part. We have a team of twelve staff, and provide physiotherapy, exercise physiology, naturopathy and remedial massage services. Our vision is to provide the Cairns community with targeted and specialised advice that is tailored to the individual's needs, and assist the Cairns community to lead happy and healthy lifestyles.

We offer several services that are unique to our practice. These are:
- concussion services - baseline testing pre-season for all athletes, on-field assessment, concussion assessment and management
- Onero bone health - a targeted and evidence-based exercise program designed to improve bone density for those with osteoporosis, osteopaenia or general low bone density

We value diversity, and having so many staff members means that we are also able to offer a wide range of services. These include but are not limited to:
- craniosacral therapy
- vestibular rehabilitation
- sports injury assessment and management
- paediatric assessment

We are also heavily involved in providing services to NDIS, work cover, CTP and DVA patients, and run a monthly clinic up in Cooktown.

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Onero Bone health
Concussion assessment and management
Vestibular assessment and rehabilitation
Developmental delay assessment and rehabilitation
Sports Injury assessment and management
Craniosacral therapy


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Cairns Concussion Clinic

With concussion awareness on the rise, we thought it important to update our skills and knowledge in the proper on-field assessment and management of concussion. We are qualified in providing return-to-work and play guidance and advice, and aim to improve awareness of the impact of concussion within our community. We offer baseline testing for sporting teams to monitor the impact of concussion over time and as they are sustained, initial acute concussion assessment and management, and post concussion assessment and management services.

Onero Bone Health Clinic

We run the only bone health clinic in Cairns, with physiotherapists trained in the Onero program. The aim of the program is to improve bone density for those living with osteoporosis, osteopaenia, or would just generally like to safeguard their bone health.

Running and Movement Assessments

An hour-long assessment targeting functional movement deficits, areas of weakness, and areas of restricted mobility to ensure that the athlete is moving as optimally as possible, in order to prevent injury or treat existing injuries.