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Telematix4U North Queensland's leading Telematics provider, our core business is centred around providing our clients with GPS Tracking solutions tailored to their business needs. We are backed by Australia's No1. telematics provider Teletrac Navman. The Telematix4u team offers valuable experience and are specialists in Transport Compliance and Telematics Solutions. We are also advocates for diversity in the transport industry and is a supporter of Women in Transport. At Telematix4u we are particularly aware of the importance of obtaining reliable information, receiving accurate data on-site and in real-time, and having the ability to contact employees in the field. His expertise will enable you to manage these vital components of your business.

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Les Curtis
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The AI powered telematics platform that delivers real-time data, visibility and impact for any fleet operation.

Hosted Phone System

A Hosted Solution means all of your Phone System data, programming, and features are stored 'in the cloud', and there isn't a large PABX box located in your office. These are the ultimate NBN Ready Phone Systems because they rely on quality internet to function at their best, and the NBN provides just that. In the past, Hosted Phone Systems were reserved for large companies that could afford to run a dedicated, high speed internet connection to their office. The NBN rollout means that high speed data services are now affordable for small businesses, and they too can now access the speed required to run a Hosted Phone solution.

Traditional Phone System

A traditional phone system is also referred to as a legacy system. It runs on a physical box (“brain”) located at the company’s office, and is connected by wires to each individual phone. These premise-based devices are dependent on the number of users and the number of outside lines required to make outbound calls.