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Organic Hair by Suzi A

Suzi Alexandra-Studio for Hair
Providing exclusive boutique hairdressing for men, women and children using OWay: a luxurious organic and green chemistry product line that produce superb results every time. OWay's products are produced with the client and environment safety in mind. OWay chooses to farm the biodynamic method to obtain pure, ultra effective essential oils and extracts that will become OWay's active ingredients. OWay production labs rely on renewable energy in the manufacturing process, use Fair Trade ingredients and respect animals. OWay uses recyclable and reuseable packaging.

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Cap Highlights
Keratin Smoothing Treatments
Hydration Smoothing and Taming Treatments
Chemical Straightening Services
Scalp Peel Treatment
Dry Dandruff Treatment
Oily Dandruff Treatment
Beauty Services


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Very up to date on all facets of style cuts, including Curl Friendly cutting for the curly haired enthusiasts Check out my pics on Instagram and Facebook


From global retouch, full colour, exquisite foiling applied not to leave you stripey or go the chunky foils mingled with a fashion colour. Cap Highlights...yes you heard right, there is still a place for the good old fashioned streaking cap using today's colour formulations and sometimes, it can actually be a simpler, less time consuming procedure.

Smoothing Treatments

Using Keratin or Hydration methods. These methods remove the frizz and leave behind shiney, manageable hair that's carefree and easy. Easy to straighten with an iron or will retain natural curl...These are my speciality services that will make your hair life so much easier.

Chemical Straightening

Specialty Service for those of you who want straight, straight hair

Scalp Treatments

For irritated itchy scalps and also for dry and oily dandruffs