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Strutynski Law

Strutynski Law has many years of experience assisting clients with legal matters. Our solicitors offer cost-effective legal services by achieving results in a professional and timely manner. As a dynamic and growing Mackay law firm, we are able to gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs through our ability to forge enduring personal relationships with our clients and offer representation for dispute resolution in a timeframe that best suits our clients.

With our experienced staff, we focus on professionalism and success.

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Strutynski Law understands that buying or selling a residential or commercial property is a big decision and a significant matter for most people. Here at Strutynski Law, we cater to all people making property transactions in Queensland. Strutynski Law specialise in: Preparation of contracts for sale or purchase of land Contract review Property settlements and negotiations Commercial & Retail Leases Auction enquiries Mortgages, refinancing & property deposit bonds Property division Our conveyancing services are offered at competitive rates, and we deliver them through a highly qualified and experienced team that includes licensed conveyancers and industry experts.

Criminal and Traffic Law

Struts Law can provide assistance in a vast array of criminal or traffic law matters, including: Drug offences Assaults, including assaults occasioning bodily harm and grievous bodily harm Violence, including breaches of domestic violence orders Street offences, including public nuisance and contravention of police direction requirements Weapons offences Murder or manslaughter Property offences, including theft, burglary and fraud Sexual offences Breaches of sexual offender reporting conditions Offences against public order Acts injurious to the public in general Offences under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 Drink driving offences – drink driving penalties and novice to high-range prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA) offences Common driving offences – including unlicensed driving and driving whilst disqualified or suspended. Also includes speeding penalties, license suspension Serious driving offences – including dangerous, negligent, reckless or predatory driving Restricted licence applications following drink driving convictions Special hardship order licence applications on suspension for accumulation of demerit points or for non-economic hardship Interlock driving program – for those with multiple DUI charges

Family Law

Strutynski Law can provide assistance for a range of matters relating to family law and de facto relationships, including: Family Law Representation in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court Mediation Divorce and separation Spousal maintenance Parenting matters – children’s living arrangements Child support and child custody matters Division of property and assets Defacto relationships Child Protection concerns Domestic and Family Violence Property Agreements (pre-nuptial, post-nuptial, superannuation splitting) Grandparents’ involvement Recovery orders Paternity/DNA Name changes

Wills, Powers of Attorney & Estate Administration

We always recommend keeping your Will up to date as it makes distributing your estate far easier on your beneficiaries in what is already a hard enough time as it is. LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION In the some-what complicated event that a valid Will has not been left, Strutynski Law can assist you with applying for Letters of Administration to the Supreme Court of QLD. In these circumstances, there is legislation that details how an estate may be distributed and by whom. The Supreme Court can appoint an Administrator to distribute the estate under the Wills, Probate and Administration Act 1898. THE FAMILY PROVISIONS ACT 1982 If you expected to be a beneficiary of a Will but have not been provided for, you can make a claim against the distribution of any estate under the Family Provision Act 1982, provided you can clearly set out reasons as to why you should be considered a beneficiary of the deceased estate. PROBATE Strutynski Law can help you apply to the Supreme Court of QLD for Probate in instances where there is a valid Will and you have been nominated as Executor of that Will. The Supreme Court can then grant probate which authorises you to distribute the deceased estate in accordance with the provisions of the Will. A Power of Attorney is a legal document whereby one person grants another person the authority to make legal and financial decisions on their behalf. A Power of Attorney can be used in several ways – from having another take care of your affairs whilst travelling to times of extended illness. An Enduring Power of Attorney takes this a step further, whereby the person nominated to manage the affairs (also called the “Donee”) may continue to manage the affairs once the person giving the power (also called the “Donor”) is found to have diminished mental capacity due to injury or illness. This arrangement can remain in place as long as the donor is still alive. Powers of Attorney can be prepared in two ways – to come into effect immediately and to continue once the donor suffers a loss of capacity; or to come into effect at a future time (such as the onset of mental incapacity). In order to sign a Power of Attorney, the donor must be capable of understanding the nature of the document they are signing and its effect. It is therefore important in situations where a Power of Attorney must be appointed that it is done so in a timely manner. Enduring Guardianship Appointing an enduring guardian differs from appointing an enduring power of attorney. An enduring power of attorney handles a person’s financial affairs whereas an enduring guardian handles personal decisions, such as a person’s living arrangements, their personal services and leisure activities, and consenting or refusing to medical/dental treatment.

Personal Injury Law

Laws in New South Wales and Queensland prohibit us from advertising services for personal injury law except to those who either live outside of NSW or QLD, or those who are existing clients of Strutynski Law.

Civil Litigation

Within the practice area of civil litigation, we offer expert representation in Court and unique skills for the following legal services: Litigation Advising clients of action plans Calculating damages & costing litigation matters Initiating actions & the filing and serving process Responding to actions Obtaining/managing evidence Court case management Briefing of counsel Negotiating settlements and terms Drafting affidavits and orders Acting on default judgments Acting in interlocutory proceeding Enforcing judgments and orders Debt Collections Statutory Demand Bankruptcy Equity