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Statewide Family Law

Statewide Family Law

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Property Settlements
Parenting Arrangements
Recovery Orders
Child Maintenance/Support
Protection Orders - Aggrieved & Respondent
Property Transfers


Katrina Peters
Katrina Peters
Family Law

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Family Law

We provide advice in relation to the following matters: - Property Settlements – who is entitled to what? We can assist in answering this by examining what is just and equitable, and the contributions made by each party specific to your situation. - Parenting Arrangements – who a child will live with, what time they will spend with the other parent or other significant person in that child’s life, while always considering their best interests. - Divorce – let us take the stress and worry out of the application process for you. As well as providing advice in relation to: - Paternity/DNA - Recovery orders - Child Maintenance/Support - Protection Orders - Property Transfers