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Signature Staff

Signature Staff is a recruitment and labour hire firm providing solutions to businesses in FNQ with a Cairns and Townsville offices.

Whether you are looking to replace a staff member, employ a top performing executive, recruit a whole new team, we will provide you with the best possible options from temporary relief, short term contracts, shortlisting service, full recruitment, head hunting or a complete recruitment outsourcing solutions.

25 years in the recruitment and labour hire space with 90k deep database and a dedicated team in Cairns and Townsville we have the resources and the systems to deliver time and time again.

Signature Staff - delivering recruitment and labour hire solutions in number of industries with the strength in Hospitality, Tourism, Office support, Trades and services as well as Aged Care.

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Vlasta Eriksson
Vlasta Eriksson
Recruitment Consultant
Katie Beattie
Katie Beattie
Recruitment Consultant

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Recruit Search – full recruitment process

The 4-Step Process includes the following: 1. Scope: Together we “scope” the position, so we are clear around the skills, attributes and type of person who is most likely to succeed in the role you are recruiting for. 2. Source: Attracting the right candidate by making them aware that there is a position available which is attractive to them. 3. Sort: Identifying a short list of suitable candidates. CV’s and cover letters can often be deceptive with a potential employer overlooking talent or being misled about a candidate’s actual capacity to perform a role. 4. Set for Success: Starting the relationship on the right foot is something that is often overlooked and yet it is one of the most important steps in the recruitment process. If you have gone this far and found the right candidate, you want to give them the very best chance of success Here are the key points 1) Create Marketing Campaign distributed on number of different platforms including social media. This done through paid and free job-board platforms such as Seek, LinkedIn to name few. 2) Tapping into our database (70K candidate strong). 3) Targeting specific candidate currently employed and not actively seeking employment. 4) Zoom interviews with shortlisted candidate identifying their key criteria and culture matches, these will be recorded and emailed to you. 5) Background checking including reference checks as well as online presence. 6) Submitting presentation which will include their CV, Cover Letters if available. Video recording of the candidate’s interview. 7) Negotiation of employment conditions 8) Onboarding Checklist 9) Guarantee, this means when the applicant is placed into your employment and does not last in that position with the guaranteed period, we will replace the person with no extra charge. If we cannot replace the candidate, we will issue a credit, equal to the placement fee.

Recruit Intel ¬- Shortlisting service

Great product for positions that have a high volume of applications, usually in front line positions. We assist you with getting a clean shortlist of the most suitable candidates for your vacant role. The campaign runs for 30 days. It is designed to save you 80% of your time in the recruitment process. Chargeable per campaign. • Professional Advertising Campaign • Multilist your position on number of job platforms including Social Media • Includes Seek advertising • Marketing of your position to our network and online • Tapping into our database, by us inviting them to apply for your position • We process all the application and shortlist suitable candidates for a preliminary zoom interview, these are recorded and passed onto you. • We skill all the candidates to your key criteria and give you summary on all the candidates we put forward to you. • You will receive all the candidates CV, cover letters if they’ve written one and their contact details. • All candidates are yours to keep, if you like to employ more than one person from the shortlist there is no extra charge. • We communicate with all the applicants professionally from start to finish informing them about what stage they are at, keeping your brand in professional light. You pay us for the process not for a service to fill a role, which is $1495 – processing up to 100 applications. If you do not find anyone suitable from the list, we can run another campaign after 30 days and the same cost will apply.

Labour Hire service

We offer labour hire services for these industries: Tourism and Hospitality Office Support Trade and services Retail Construction Community Care