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Shelby and Co Cleaning Services

Shelby and Co Cleaning Services have operated in the local mackay area for over 4 years, from humble beggingings Michelle has grown the company to over 11 professional and qualified team members who treat every home and business as if it was their own.

Serving Mackay and the surrounding areas Shelby & Co Cleaning Services are always available to come to our clients in their moment of need. Our Mobile crew are always willing to go that extra mile and can take a hot mess and make it sparkle and shine!

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The first impressions count!! When you decide to sell your house, you need to make every possible effort to ensure that you get the maximum price for your house, and the most effective way to impress the buyer is by deep cleaning your property. When you are cleaning your house to sell it at a good price, you must focus on the essential spots. Your buyers always look for these spots while analysing the house. These crucial spots include carpets, windows, mirror, furniture, tabletop, walls, and lampshades and so on. When a person enters your home, these spots naturally attract their attention. Decorating your house is also an important part of home staging, but it’s of no use if the house is not properly cleaned. You need to make every possible effort to ensure that you get the maximum price for your house, and the most effective way to impress the buyer is by deep cleaning your property. A good clean is often the most important and this is your detailed Pre Sale Clean, prior to your home going on the market or getting pictures taken this clean will highlight your homes greatest features. Strip it back, decluttering to give it a super fresh, clean and tidy feeling ready for those all important pictures and sales inspections. We are known for our ability to be as flexible and to have ongoing constant communication with our customers, allowing a smooth, enjoyable and easy process and most importantly a happy customer in the end! We work with you to come up with a check list that will tick all the boxes and your budget, to get your home looking it’s presentation best! Working with the best in Real Estate, Robyn Faa Mackay Regional Real Estate, Leanne Drury RE/MAX Results Mackay, Greg Chappell and PRD Nationwide


It is also usually termed as the “final clean” as it seeks to really bring out the true beauty of the property as its designer intended it to look in its best condition. This also, in essence, highlights the need for very thorough polishing of the property prior to handover to the new owner. This is not usually as detailed as your Pre Sale Clean as most of your home has already had a thorough clean to get it ready for sale. post sale cleaning is to make sure that you are delivering what you promised to the money’s worth of the person you sold the property to. It’s rare for any new homeowner to want to move to a home that has not been cleaned before a move. Moving into a new home that is clean and at its best condition is undoubtedly preferred by almost anyone who has had to shell out a substantial to become its owner. Also, a clean home lays the foundation for your everyday wellness and peace of mind, which are nothing short of important once you start residing in it. This alone highlights the importance of post sale cleaning, assuming you want a professional to handle it for you. Things we ensure are done before new owner's move in and contract finalised Dusting throughout Wiping out all cupboards Clean of the Bathrooms Clean of Kitchen including cupboards, oven etc Mop and Vacuum of floors Clean out of Garage Sweep and Gurney of outdoor areas if not done in the pre sale clean Lawns and Gardens freshly done for new owner Cleaning of all Carpets We work with you to come up with a check list that will suit you and your budget.

Rental Inspection Cleaning

It is obvious to feel overwhelmed when it comes to preparing a rental property for the routine inspection. The stress automatically doubles when you have to spruce up every corner of the premises to pass a rental inspection clean. Despite what most tenants think, the main purpose of a routine rental inspection is not to judge your cleaning abilities. It’s actually to see to the condition of the place: whether any damages need fixing, if special maintenance is required, etc. The property is monitored from top to bottom to check health and safety issues. There is no denying that a Real Estate and the Landlord expect a property to be in the same condition they rented it, excepted for fair ware and tear. We are here to help you get through your rental inspections with ease. Most tenants get anxious when it comes to property inspections. It is not a scary situation. All you need to do is to understand the importance of cleaning or hiring someone to do it for you.

Bond Cleans

We pride ourselves in Bond Cleaning!!! Moving out of a rental property brings a lot of stress and responsibility on the shoulders of tenants. According to the rental agreement, tenants are obliged to return the property in its original state. There are plenty of cleaning companies out there offering a dazzling array of cleaning packages, some good and some not so good. Rather than get carried away by what might be false promises try to choose a company like ourselves that offers a guaranteed product and service. Don’t be swayed by price alone since a poor cleaning report could result in you losing your bond money, or paying another cleaning Company like myself to finish off your fix up on your clean, costing you extra. One of the biggest mistakes tenants make is thinking that they’re cleaners. We’re not talking about a quickly weekly dust and hoover here, we’re talking about a thorough clean of every single surface, high and low, and much more besides, and this is why you’ll need professional help. Most important aspect of a Bond clean is to have a cleaner that will guarantee their work, and go back if required.

Commercial Cleans

There is a large difference between keeping an office tidy and keeping it clean. Though your employees may do a decent job of keeping their desk or working space tidy, it does not mean that all of the accumulated dirt and bacteria have been wiped away. A clean office is crucial, especially during the winter months when so many employees are exposed to the flu or a cold. By hiring a professional cleaning service, you can relax knowing that your office will remain clean and tidy. There are many benefits to a professional cleaning service such as their cleaning experience, the products and tools that they have access to, and the flexible hours that they offer. The largest difference between self-cleaning and a professional cleaning service is the products and tools that are used to clean. A professional cleaning service will bring tools and products that fight bacteria. Also, a cleaning service opposed to internal cleaning often completes the cleaning more effective and efficient. The service will clean every corner and blind whereas internal employees may not be motivated to complete a deep clean.

Domestic Cleans

Hardworking First and foremost, you need a clean house. When you’re evaluating a cleaner, make sure you’re comfortable they’ll put in the time and energy necessary for a clean home to come home to. Trustworthy Often, you’ll be leaving you're home unprotected when the cleaner comes by. The hallmark of an expert house cleaner is to provide the commitment to professional, trustworthy conduct, staff have a key responsibility that requires a deep level of trust. Loyal There will be times when you need something cleaned last minute. A loyal cleaner won’t think twice about this, so long as they are free. Flexible Life is never as planned. The best cleaning Company is one who will make every effort to help you and your family succeed, and we at Shelby and Co Cleaning Services pride ourselves on this and always there for the client and their needs.

Lawn and Garden Care

If you're coming to the end of your lease on your rental property and your garden has suddenly got out of control, we can come to the rescue. We're available at short notice to come out to your property and do whatever it takes to get your garden looking great again. Most typically this will involve a professional lawn mowing service, trimming of garden bed and path edges, sweeping down and collecting all grass clippings, and then taking away all the rubbish are just some of the garden and lawn services we provide!!