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Pretty Pups Grooming

Pretty Pups Grooming is a home based salon located in the heart of Townsville! We specialize in cats and dogs (including ones who need a little more love)! If you want your fur baby to be treated with the absolute most care and love please contact us today where your pet comes first!

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Dog - Basic Cut
Dog - Style Cut
Dog and Cat - Deshed
Dog and Cat - Hygiene
Dog and Cat - Bath
Dog and Cat - Nails Only
Dog and Cat - Matt Removal
Cat - Shave
Retail - Shampoo
Colognes and Brushes


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Dog - Basic Cut

A basic cut (less than 10mm) which includes shave, nails, bath, shampoo (x2) and a blow dry.

Dog - Style Cut

A style cut is (10mm and over) which includes a long scissored cut, nails, bath, shampoo (x2) and a blow dry.

Cat and Dog - Nails Only

Nails Cutting

Cat and Dog - Dematting

Depends on severity this is based on what i can see on your animal.

Cat and Dog - Deshed

Deshed brush, Ddshed Shampoo (x2), bath and blow dry, nails and a sanitary trim (if needed).

Cat and Dog - Bath and Blow Dry

Bath, shampoo (x2), blow dry, brush and nails.

Bath and Towel Dry

Bath, shampoo (x2), brush, nails and towel dry.

Cat and Dog - Hygiene Cut

Feet, face, bum tidy, nails, bath, shampoo (x2) and a blow dry.

Cat - Shave

Shave, nails, bath, shampoo (x2) and a blow dry. Bath and blow dry is subject to cats behaviour. 99% of cat shaves i will do in a #1 (1.2mm) blade for their safety and my own.