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Powertech Energy

ME Technology Group: Powering Your World, Connecting Your Spaces

At ME Technology Group, we're not just about brightening your future with solar power; we're a one-stop shop for all your tech needs, making life at home and work easier and better. Starting with solar energy, we've branched out to include top-notch home theatre systems, full-on CCTV security setups, smart automation for easier living, and rock-solid networking to keep you connected when it counts.

Your Go-To Tech Solutions

Here's what we've got on offer:

Solar Power Systems: We design and set up solar power solutions for homes, businesses, and factories, helping you save on bills and go green.

Home Theatre Systems: ME Technology Group brings the cinema to you with custom home theatre setups that make movie nights epic.

CCTV Security Solutions: Keep an eye on things with our advanced CCTV systems, giving you peace of mind with top-quality surveillance.

Automation: From lights that turn on by themselves to smart climate control and security, our automation solutions make your home or business smarter and easier to manage.

Networking: We make sure you stay connected with our complete networking solutions, from Wi-Fi setups to complex networks, keeping your comms and operations running smoothly.

Innovation and Sustainability at Our Core

We're all about innovation here at ME Technology Group. We’re always looking at new tech to give you cutting-edge solutions that make life simpler and safer. We're also big on sustainability, especially with our solar power services, leading the way with green energy solutions.

Our Team: Tech Gurus

Our crew at ME Technology Group are pros in their fields. Whether it's renewable energy, AV systems, security, automation, or networking, our team loves tech and is dedicated to giving you top-notch service.

Join Us on the Journey to Innovation

As ME Technology Group takes the lead in solar energy and more, we invite you to join us on this journey. If you want to make your home or business more sustainable, secure, connected, or entertaining, we've got the solutions tailored just for you. Let's use tech to create smarter, more efficient, and connected spaces for the future, together.

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CCTV Systems for the home and office, with remote viewing options and NO ongoing fees or subsriptions.

Networking Services

Need your home or business to have better connectivity? WiFi or Extra data points are a solution we can offer

Solar Generators

A range of options from small portable, to powering an entire Minesite.