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Powertech Energy

PowerTech Energy: Powering Your World, Connecting Your Spaces

PowerTech Energy isn't just about illuminating futures with solar power; we're a multifaceted technology provider dedicated to enhancing every aspect of your home and business through innovative solutions. With a strong foundation in solar energy, we've expanded our expertise to include state-of-the-art home theatre systems, comprehensive CCTV security solutions, cutting-edge automation for smarter living and working spaces, and robust networking to keep you connected when it matters most.

Diverse Technological Solutions

Our comprehensive services encompass:

Solar Power Systems: We specialize in designing and installing efficient solar power solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial clients, empowering them with energy independence and sustainability.

Home Theatre Systems: PowerTech Energy transforms your entertainment experience with custom home theatre installations, creating immersive audio-visual environments in the comfort of your own home.

CCTV Security Solutions: Enhance the security of your premises with our advanced CCTV systems, providing you with peace of mind through high-quality surveillance and monitoring.

Automation: From automated lighting to climate control and security, our smart automation solutions bring convenience, efficiency, and intelligence to every corner of your home or business.

Networking: We ensure seamless connectivity with comprehensive networking solutions, from Wi-Fi setups to complex network installations, supporting your communication and operational needs.

Innovation and Sustainability at Our Core

Innovation drives us forward. At PowerTech Energy, we continuously explore emerging technologies to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions that make life easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is evident across all our services, particularly in our renewable energy solutions, where we lead with solar power innovations.

Our Team: Experts in Technology

Behind PowerTech Energy is a team of dedicated professionals, each an expert in their field. From renewable energy engineers to AV specialists, security experts, automation technicians, and networking gurus, our collective passion for technology drives us to exceed expectations and deliver excellence.

Join Us on the Journey to Innovation

As PowerTech Energy pioneers the way in solar energy and beyond, we invite you to explore the possibilities with us. Whether you're looking to make your home or business more sustainable, secure, connected, or entertaining, we offer tailored solutions that fit your unique needs. Let's harness the power of technology together, creating smarter, more efficient, and connected spaces for the future.


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CCTV Systems for the home and office, with remote viewing options and NO ongoing fees or subsriptions.

Networking Services

Need your home or business to have better connectivity? WiFi or Extra data points are a solution we can offer

Solar Generators

A range of options from small portable, to powering an entire Minesite.