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No Bored Dogs

No Bored Dogs is a dog training, behaviour consultant and products/tools supplier in Townsville North Queensland.
Our goal is to provide tried and tested professional level products to pet owners and professionals.
We educate on the most appropriate products for your pet and how best to use them, soo they serve well into the future.
All of our products in the "Home Alone" category are backed by a warranty against destruction from your pet.

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Pet products
dog behaviour consultations
dog training
dog treats
pet hosting
pickup drop off services
dog walking
puppy workshops


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dog walking

We provide 45min sessions for your pets walking, feeding, transport whatever your pet requires. Walking sessions are trips to the nearest nature reserve, river or boardwalk not harsh hot pavement walks around the block. These outings include all obedience requirements and tools supplied by the owner and all dogs are encouraged to grow and learn at all times. No Bored Dogs does not use dog parks or walk in groups we pride ourselves on being a professional and personal service.