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Nice Threads Carpet Cleaning

Everything we do is designed around how to make life better and easier for you so you can walk in to your space, feel great and create the life of your dreams.

Easy Online Bookings
You have the ability to book online with us - we are the only carpet cleaner in Townsville with an online booking system that displays all services & prices, with all available days & times there for you to choose from. You can self-booking online at any time of the day or night, whenever is most convenient for you. You control what, when, where and how much.

You won't have to worry about missing an appointment as we have automated appointment reminders.

Arrival Tracker
An Uber-style arrival tracker is available so you can see our technician's approach to your property in real time. We always endeavour to be on time every time, and this is just extra reassurance to protect your valuable time.

Most Trusted Carpet Cleaners in Townsville
Don't just take our word for it, see why we are the most trusted carpet cleaner in Townsville. Independent auditors have rated us the best carpet cleaner for the last 5 years in a row! 'Three Best Rated' use a rigorous 50 point inspection process to investigate everything from checking reviews, ratings, reputation, history, complaints, satisfaction, and cost to general excellence.

Certified Industry Experts
You are in the best of hands. We are the only carpet cleaner in Townsville with WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider Certification. This prestigious recognition is only awarded to the top 5% of carpet cleaners. To achieve certification, carpet cleaners must meet a stringent set of qualification requirements and demonstrate that we are among the most highly trained and experienced in the carpet cleaning industry.

Green Cleaners
Not just people, but planet is important to us too. We are the first carpet cleaner in Townsville to introduce a bipartite system that combines our behind the scenes sustainable practices together with a new cleaning technology that consumes 90% less water than traditional methods and is the most environmentally compliant compared to any other method.

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Carpet Cleaning

Most people think that carpet cleaning just involves applying some product, maybe a bit of scrubbing, steam and remove. That it's one size fits all. For a qualified carpet cleaner, nothing could be further from the reality. pH What our work really revolves around is correctly identifying the fibre being treated, knowing it's characteristics and how far we can push it to produce the best possible result without causing any damage. Flashback to high school science - a lot of this is done by choosing chemistry with the right pH for the carpet fibre. Will it respond better to something acidic? Or more alkaline? What is the right formula to neutralise it afterwards? Anything less may bring about some kind of improvement, but certainly not the best that can be achieved. And nearly always with the likelihood of rapid resoiling. Equipment The choices are far and wide but carpet cleaning equipments sells in the range of $150 to $60,000+. So as great as the difference in equipment, so is the variance in the results that can be produced. We use only the top of the range equipment and we also have different types of machines to meet the needs of different types of jobs. Operator Where the real magic lies is in the skill of the technician. Our technicians draw on their highly specialised knowledge to produce a winning combination of machinery, product and process to produce the best and safest results. In addition, we always work to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3733:1995.

Lounge/Upholstery Cleaning

Our lounges are very lived-on items. They cop a fair amount of wear and soiling, and it's often very noticible when they're not looking their best. We can get some wonderful results with upholstery cleaning, but all lounges are different, and so too must be our approach to cleaning them. Lounges are Different to Carpet When determining the best combination of machinery, product and process, it's important to take into account the construction of the furniture. Unlike carpet, which has backing, underlay and flooring within a very short distance, upholstery has a deep section of padding which in some cases can be quite absorbent. Overwetting the area can trap moisture and increase the risk of secondary problems occurring. It is vital that the correct volume of product and moisture is applied, and that the machinery used is powerful enough to extract it. A lot of DIY carpet cleaning hire machines only produce about 60psi, whereas commercial grade equipment will utilise 300-2000 psi, depending on the job at hand. We put a lot of thought into the best approach for each and every lounge so that they all come up and bright and clean as possible.

Leather Cleaning

The first time you see a crack start to appear in leather furniture you cast your mind back to when you bought it and remember the salesperson encouraging regular cleaning and conditioning. We're usually pretty good at the start, but most of us tend to leave it longer and longer and sometimes stop treatments altogether. Body oils, skin acids, perspiration and soiling will work into leather furnishings over time if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. Then the leather will eventually dry out and crack. Treating leather ourselves does not always result in it being ket in prime condition either as most of the over-the-counter leather care products are one-size-fits-all and don't take into account the different characteristics of the different types of leather such as analine, semi-analine and pigmented. We love caring for leather and can recommend a cleaning schedule for your leather furniture that ensures they look their best and live their longest life possible. All you need to do is walk in, feel great and live your best life.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs are amazing with their wide variety of fibres, dyes and constructions, but cleaning certain types of rugs can be an intricate process, or in some cases, actually not recommended at all. Rugs are often designed and purchased with aesthetics in mind, but maintenance requirements can sometimes get overlooked. But we're here to help guide you through the minefield, avoid potential damage, and make sure you get the best result possible. What type of fibre is your rug? When we talk about fibre types, we don't mean the construction, as in whether they are flat or shaggy. We're referring to the kind of 'material' that makes up the rug. Often you can find this on a label on the underside of your rug. Synthetic Fibres If your rug contains only synthetic fibres such as polypropylene you can refer to our standard pricing for rug cleaning. If you're unsure, we can always have a look in person and let you know. Natural Fibres A specialised approach will be needed if your rug contains any natural fibres such as wool, cotton or silk. We'd love to speak with you to find out more about your individual pieces. Speak to a rug cleaning specialist today on 0404 494 114. (Find out more about WoolSafe Cleaning here.) Buying a Rug If you have a high traffic area, or somewhere prone to spills and marks from little people, you may want to consider buying a rug that will reduce maintenance and increase the likelihood of any stains being removed. If this is the case, we'd recommend purchasing a rug with synthetic fibres (such as polypropylene) rather than a rug which contains fibres like rayon, viscose, silk, cotton or wool. Feel free to contact us for care advice when considering your next purchase, we'd love to help answer your rug questions!

Mattress Sanitising

Mattress sanitising can sometimes produce the best before and after effects, 'Like night and day' some customers have said. However, it's important to be realistic about the types of results you can safely achieve with mattresses. Depending on what the marks are and how long they have been left, some marks won't be able to be moved without high risk of breakage to the very fine fibres that make up mattresses. BUT what our mattress sanitising services will always produce every time is a healthy, sanitised area on which to sleep soundly.

Advanced Stain Removal (Pet Contamination, Coloured Stains)

Stains Staining is anything that remains after the cleaning process has been completed. We all know that cleaning alone does not always address all manner of staining and odour issues. Think of clothes, for example, that may still present with grass or sauce stains, even after cleaning. Luckily though, further specialised products and treatments can be used, a lot of times successfully, to address these issues. DIY Remedies You may have found that Google as you might, often the suggested remedies provide general advice only and are not successful in removing a lot of staining issues. Even worse, they can cause irreversible damage when used on the wrong fibres. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation around and sadly we receive many calls a day about such issues. Unfortunately, we can't beat science. If the carpet fibre has already been damaged, no amount of cleaning will undamage it. Stain Removal The good news is, we know an awful lot about stain removal. As the only carpet cleaners in Townsville with WoolSafe® Approved Service Provider Certification, this means we are amongst the top 5% of carpet cleaners worldwide and are regarded as the most highly trained and experienced in the industy. With detailed information about the stain, we can quickly set about using the exact technique to remove your stains. Pet Contamination This warrants special mention because addressing pet contamination can be one of the most challenging issues to rectify. There are tricks we have up our sleeve and sometimes a single treatment may rectify the issue, on other occasions multiple treatments may be successful. However, we can only treat the carpet. If the issue lies past the underlay or in the structure of the floor itself, unfortunately, the carpet will need to be lifted and often times replaced entirely. Success can depend on many factors so if you'd like to discuss your pet contamination issues with us in more detail we'd love to help. Pricing We always aim to be transparent in our pricing and we have set task pricing readily available on nearly all of our services. Unfortunately it is not possible with advanced stain removal and pet contamination as the specialty products used and the time required varies too greatly. What we can promise is that we will always do the best job possible at the most competitive rate for you. We will always discuss expectations with you prior to commencing work and will only proceed with your agreement.

Fabric Protection

If you're like us, bringing home a new lounge also comes with a new set of resolutions each time. You promise to uphold the 'No food on the lounge' rule, among others. But it usually doesn't take long before the firm vows we swore upon, are substituted with the realities of everyday life. Regarless of the age of your lounge, it's never nice to see the marks accumulate and as a result to start feeling stagnant and stuck in other areas of your life too. What fabric protection can do is buy you a bit more time with those fresh lounge feels. It can also stretch out the time required in between regular maintenance cleans. If you do happen to have a serious spill, it provides you with precious extra moments to address the spill before it becomes a permanent stain. Not all fabric protectors are created equal, so if you've decided fabric protection is for you, we can select the best protector for your lounge to ensure it adheres properly and keeps your lounge cleaner for as long as possible.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

If you look at your tiled floors, over time you will notice your grout getting darker and your tiles holding on to more soiling. How quickly this happens will depend on the type of tiles and the grout that you have and weather or not they are sealed. Mopping is great for regular ongoing maintenace, but even still, we can't avoid the build up of grime in these areas. This may not be an issue for some of us, however, if you have a certain level of cleanliness, what has been seen can't be unseen! Professional tile and grout cleaning is a heavy duty, deep clean executed by very powerful machinery. If you'd like to enhance your regular cleaning schedule and produce some gleaming results, this is definitely something you want to consider.

Pest Management

When you see a cockroach running across the floor, screams usually ensure and it reminds us that uninvited guests can bring terror to our households. Evening more sickening is the feeling you get when you open your pantry and find droppings. Yuck. Pests in domestic settings can be unhealthy and unisghtly and are most definitely unwanted. Often the problem can quickly get out of hand, making it more difficult to address, and you feel like you're fighting a losing battle. We understand and we're ready to help. Our licenced pest management technicians have a number of different treatment options available to make sure your home is less inviting for pests. You can relax knowing that all work is performed according to state regulations and all products are safe and approved for use in schools, child care centres, aged care and medical facilities.

Vacating Rental Packages (Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control)

Moving house Moving house is such a big job and the 'to do' list seems to grow just as much as the expenses do. We all dread it because of the stress it can bring into our already busy lives. But there is an easier way. Having reliable, skilled, reasonably priced tradespeople can make a huge difference and we guarantee to do everything we can to make our part of the process go as smoothly as possible for you. Alejandra Wiecek 'Amazing service, well priced, friendly staff (super cool actually!) and super easy to deal with at all times. I could not recommend them enough! I’ve had such a long day dealing with removalists, cleaners, boxes and two little ones so you guys really made my day! Thank you for the service and professionalism.' Package Deals To address the mounting costs involved in moving house, we've put together some package service solutions for you. Unit/Apartment 1-2 rooms Carpet Cleaning + Flea & Tick Pest Control Spray Inside & Out $160 (Add $20 for each additional carpeted room) Townhouse/Duplex 1-2 rooms Carpet Cleaning + Flea & Tick Pest Control Spray Inside & Out $170 (Add $20 for each additional carpeted room) House 1-2 rooms Carpet Cleaning + Flea & Tick Pest Control Spray Inside & Out $180 (add $20 for each additional carpeted room) Bond Return & Stains When leaving a rental property you want to have as much of your bond returned as possible and we will work alongside you to help make that happen. Unfortunately, with the realities of everyday living, sometimes we create stains of a more permanent nature that we know won't come out in the steam cleaning process. A common example of this is with pet contamination and some types of coloured stains. However, not all may be lost as sometimes they can be successfully addressed with specialised products and treatments by a professional who has been specially trained in this area. These specialty services range in price depending on the specialty products used and the time required. Please let us know about any pre-existing issues so we can give you realistic expectations, the available options and the best suggested course of action. Guarantees We guarantee to clean and work to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3733:1995

Property Maintenance

As a property manager, no doubt you are in a fast-paced work environment where things happen very quickly and continuously throughout the day. We understand that you're often juggling multiple tasks at once. So being let down by unreliable and unskilled tradespeople can add to the already high workload and sometimes mean all your carefully balanced balls come crashing down. At Nice Threads, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make your job easier and more streamlined. We guarantee to prioritise your work order requests so they are completed as soon as practicable, usually within 2 business days. Our invoice, together with photos of completed work, will be emailed to you immediately upon completion of the job, so you know as soon as you receive that email, our work has been completed and you're good to go with the next step of your process. You'll never have to chase us up to return keys as we will do this promptly after completion of each job. So sit back and relax, have a coffee and let us handle your property management carpet cleaning & pest control issues. We look forward to being of service to you.

Home Beautiful Packages

Whether you're preparing your home for the arrival of a new little one, you're spring cleaning, or maybe even using feng shui to bring luck, wealth, and opportunity into your home. There are many reasons why we consider a full service option for our space. Regular cleaning and maintenance is wonderful, but sometimes the staple pieces of our home such as our flooring, furniture and bedding can be overlooked. The transformative effect of bringing the whole range of services together can be very uplifting and can provide considerable health benefits. It can also save you money as well. When you combine any 3 of our home services together, we will take 15% off the total. With our online booking option you can get a live quote, select a time and book your services all from your phone or laptop. Just mention 'Home Beautiful' in the comments of your booking and we'll apply the discount for you on the day. So sit back with a coffee, relax, enjoy selecting your services, and look forward to your fresh new space.