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We are a team of digital marketing experts to help companies like yours to generate more traffic, leads, and sales through digital channels. Our services include website creation & optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google ads, organic socials, social ads, email, content writing, and marketing strategy.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve been helping small to midsize companies to gain visibility and to generate more sales online. Please visit our website to learn more and to schedule your free marketing consultation.

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Hanna Hakio
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Marketing starategy

How do you know if your website is really converting well? Do you have a content strategy and is your content really attracting the right type of customers? And are you paying the optimal price for your clicks on Google, or could you be getting even more of your marketing budget? Different components, e.g. website, content, organic traffic, paid campaigns, email, and social work together and complement each other. Tie all marketing channels together and create a consistent experience for your (prospective) customers. Let our experienced data and performance analyst team help you identify and pursue some of the unnoticed opportunities and take your marketing to the next level. Way past your competitors! For more information about our Marketing strategy services, please visit https://marketigation.com/our-services/marketing-strategy/. Or contact us for a free quote!

Website creation & optimisation

These days almost all businesses already have their company website. Or at least they should. That’s because your customers expect it. A company website also adds credibility and you can showcase your products, services, and offers. Furthermore, website marketing helps your prospective clients find more information about your business and your products wherever and whenever. To make the most out of your website, it should very quickly convey your main marketing message. Furthermore, your website should do so without compromising the look, feel, or professionalism. Remember, you only have 3 seconds to make your user read more. Additionally, a high quality and professional company website allows you to dive deeper into website marketing. Idealistically, you’d like to do your website creation and website optimisation as professionally as possible. To sum up, ensure you’re delivering the right marketing message to your target audience professionally. For more information about our Website creation & optimisation services, please visit https://marketigation.com/our-services/website-creation-and-marketing/. Or contact us for a free quote!

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO

When you have a beautiful website, but you don’t get enough visitors to see it. If you haven’t generated new, unique content in the past month, then it’s time for some content planning and traffic boost. Start off with a complete traffic, content, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) analysis to see where you have room for improvement. We then can put all technical SEO aspects in your website in order. Additionally, we’ll come up with a content plan to create unique and relevant content for your prospective clients. When we generate high quality content to your website, search engines like Google start ranking your page higher and sending traffic which we’ll convert into leads and paying customers. For more information about our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, please visit https://marketigation.com/our-services/search-engine-optimisation-seo/. Or contact us for a free quote!

Google ads

Most companies complement their SEO traffic with Google Ads campaigns. We call them pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. That is because advertisers usually pay a fee per a click (a website visitor) they get. Start off with a free analysis on how many possible new clients you could reach with some extra advertising budget. We’ll also tell you how much revenue those visitors are estimated to get for you and what would your estimated Return on Investment (ROI) be. For more information about our Google ads services, please visit https://marketigation.com/our-services/google-ads/. Or contact us for a free quote!

Social media marketing

Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. People spend hours and hours per day on social media networks, and they are only growing. Social media marketing is a part of digital internet marketing. It involves creating and sharing content on social media platforms. Its objective is to hit marketing and branding goals. In other words that includes posting text and images, videos and other content as well as paid social media advertising (for example Facebook ads). Its aim is to engage the audience. For more information about our Social media marketing services, please visit https://marketigation.com/our-services/social-media-marketing/. Or contact us for a free quote!

Content Marketing & Creation

Storytelling is the most effective way of creating content. You can use storytelling in branding or marketing. It is a certain kind of content that can touch people emotionally. If you want to use stories in your company’s marketing or branding, you can do it by service design. Service design by storytelling is a holistic way of management with what you can add some value to your customers. It involves strategy, products, marketing as well as brand development. These stories are to be seen in everyday life in the company. The target is to make experiences to the customers by adding value. Service design by storytelling means designing or improving your products or services by using stories. And those stories gives your company a competitive edge. For more information about our Content Marketing & Creation services, please visit https://marketigation.com/our-services/content-marketing-storytelling/. Or contact us for a free quote!

Email marketing

Most companies collect email addresses from their customers, but majority of them don’t do anything with the addresses. If you’re not collecting emails on your website, it’s highly recommended to start doing so. In today’s digital world, we usually need multiple touch points to convince our prospective clients purchase from us. Email is a highly effective way of adding those touch points to remind them about our products and services. Email is also a great channel to remind our existing customers of us and to keep them engaged. This is technically a free marketing channel, since you already paid to acquire these customers, so email should be one of your top priorities. For more information about our Email marketing services, please visit https://marketigation.com/our-services/email-marketing/. Or contact us for a free quote!