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KLP Family Law

At KLP Family Law, we only do Family Law and Wills & Estates - which means that whatever you are going through, we have more than likely encountered it before and we know how to assist you to navigate through this chapter of your life.
Since opening our doors in 2012, we have been able to assist separated couples transition into a new chapter of their family’s life, ensuring that we minimise the disruption on the family unit as a whole. Whether that is separating from your spouse/partner, with or without children, with or without property, wanting to adopt your step child, wanting to put in place workable care arrangements for your children right through to retirees or those nearing retirement and wanting to separate - the property settlement you are about to embark on will essentially double as your retirement package. Whatever your circumstances, we can help!

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Financial Separation

After you have separated there is usually a need to separate your property and finances. You may jointly own a house, have bank accounts, cars in joint names or superannuation – these need to be dealt with so that they are separated and the financial ties between you both are cut. Family Law is discretionary – i.e. it is up to that Judge on the day with the facts that they have to make a decision. This is also why solicitors will always give you a range and that range is often 5% or 10% in difference. We call that the range of were you might be able to settle your matter.

Parenting matters

Every child is different. Even within your own family, especially if you have more than one child – as you are more than aware, each of them will have their own distinct personality. And, depending on their ages, they will more than likely be at different developmental stages and will more than likely have different needs. You as a parent can provide those needs in a child focused way. That may mean that you may have to put what you want or desire on the backburner whilst you are ensuring that you are giving your children the best start in life. What does the law say? The best interests of your child are paramount. There are around 16 considerations that the Court will consider in Section 60CC to help the Court determine what is in your child’s best interest. The primary considerations are that your child (not you) has a right to a meaningful relationship with both of their parents and the need to protect children from harm or the real risk of harm.

Child Support

Every separation is different. And sometimes when relationships end, things get messy. And if you have children - even if you now have a blended family - there are financial obligations that you now have that you are separated. The Child Support Assessment is a one size fits all formula that may not fit your specific circumstances. That is where we can help!


If you were married, and have been separated for 12 months and 1 day - you can get a Divorce - which is a legal severance of your marriage. Getting a Divorce will impact on a few things - let us help guide you through!. You do need to be separated for 12 months and 1 day before you are able to get a Divorce. You obviously also need to be married first!

Protection Orders

Every separation is different. And sometimes when relationships end, things get messy. And if there has been violence either during or after the relationship has ended, it may not only affect your safety, but also your readiness to negotiate care arrangements for your children, a property settlement or even taking matters to Court if no agreements can be reached. We can help you put into place boundaries and mechanisms that can help you keep yourself and children safe as well as empowering you to take back control of your life.

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