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iScape Pty Ltd
iScape was founded in 2005 by two of its current directors with an initial focus on providing a professional software development service. We have since expanded our offerings and now deliver IT services, support and sales. Our clients benefit from our ability to fulfill both their software and IT service requirements.
We have a proven track record of developing innovative and practical solutions for the mining and sugar industries, and smaller projects for local businesses. Our staff are located in both Brisbane and our head office in Mackay. Our team of fulltime professionals have extensive experience in providing practical solutions to small/medium businesses and the enterprise.
IT Sales & Service
Our service team can design, install and maintain your business’ IT infrastructure. Our clients range from small businesses, operating a single server, to larger multi-site businesses. Our service team are experts in Microsoft products including all server and desktop operating systems and office productivity software. We can provide our clients with hardware and network monitoring services to ensure high availability of their IT investment.

Software Development
The software development team develops Windows, client/server and web based applications primarily using Microsoft products and technologies. We pride ourselves in being up to date with current programming and development practices. We implement agile development methodologies to provide robust project management and rapid feedback to our clients. We also utilise continuous integration servers and comprehensive unit and integration testing throughout the development, commissioning and support cycles, ensuring all outcomes are of high quality and maintainable.

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Cloud Solutions

The cloud can bring value, scalability, agility and flexibility to your business. What is Cloud Computing? The Cloud is an umbrella phrase used to describe many service offerings (business and non-business related) that are accessible over the internet. Have you seen references like Cloud Computing, Cloud Apps, Cloud Backups, Cloud Hosting, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud, Cloud Storage, SaaS - Software as a Service, IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service, etc.? Overwhelmed? Relax! We have three simple recommendations for our clients to consider... Don't rush in...the cloud is constantly evolving. Determine the cloud products and services that apply directly to your business and provide the best value. Let iScape help you through the process. Meet with us so we can guide and assist you implementing the most appropriate cloud solutions that suit your requirements. We understand that there is no one solution that fits all, so our approach is unique for each of our clients. We can tailor the right solution that meets your business requirements. The iScape team is constantly researching, reviewing, trialing and evaluating new cloud products and we have already established relationships with trusted cloud providers in Australia. The cloud brings big advantages to small business... Reduce up-front capital expenditure by subscribing to flexible and cost predictable plans Break away from the hardware upgrade cycle Gain access to enterprise level infrastructure, technology and availability at an affordable price Pay-as-you-go plans ensures you only pay for the services and resources you need Cloud solutions we can implement immediately... Office 365 Virtual server infrastructure User and corporate data storage Online backups Managed antivirus Take advantage of the Cloud and access the freedom to scale your requirements as they change and only pay for the resources and features that you need.

Hardware & Software Sales

We offer a flexible and fast way to order all your hardware and software licensing needs at competitive prices. iScape partners with all the major IT vendors and distributors to provide an ever expanding suite of products and peripherals. We are an independent IT provider not aligned with a single supplier so we always find the best price for each and every client order. When you buy from us, we back the products we sell so if an expectation is not met, we'll organise a suitable replacement. Hardware products we sell... Servers Desktop computers Laptops & notebooks Tablets Printers Retail Eftpos solutions IP phone systems Switches & network infrastructure Software products we sell... Office 365 Antivirus - standalone & managed Data backup solutions Operating systems (server & desktop) Database software Other products we sell... Cloud computing - email, backup, storage, virtualisation Domain names & domain management Website & email hosting Server monitoring Desktop monitoring

Computer Repairs

Is your server, PC or laptop not performing? We can troubleshoot and repair your IT equipment onsite or in our workshop. iScape has a very experienced team of computer engineers that possess a broad set of troubleshooting skills. If you have an IT issue, whether it be software or hardware related, we will track it down and resolve the issue quickly. Our service team can travel to site to investigate client issues or to reduce costs, clients can drop off their equipment to our offices located at 8 Evans Avenue North Mackay. Our service area covers Mackay and the surrounding region, Sarina, Moranbah and the Central Highlands and the Whitsundays. Our trading hours... Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm Urgent & scheduled after hours support available

Managed Services

Free up internal resources and engage our in-house expert team to provide extensive server and desktop management services. The traditional approach to IT service delivery is the break-fix model. The client experiences an issue, reports the issue to their service provider and then the service provider schedules the issue to be resolved. While this approach suits many small businesses, this model is reactive. Depending on the issue, the client may experience a significant loss in productivity while waiting for the issue to be resolved. Similarly, the client's IT expenditure each month is unknown and difficult to predict and therefore impacts the business's forecasting and cash flow. If you want to break away from this type of service delivery, consider our alternative and proactive managed service offering. iScape's managed IT services agreement is highly flexible, allowing you to select specific IT components to be managed, or alternatively, iScape can manage your entire IT infrastructure. Simply put, we can tailor the service levels that works best for you and your business. What are the benefits of a managed service agreement? Increased efficencies Reduced downtime & risk Capacity planning Future proof services, using best-of-breed technologies Low capital outlay & predictable monthly costs Flexible & scalable services Increased service levels What's included with iScape's managed service offering? Pick and choose from any of our managed services You will have your own client manager that has an intimate knowledge of your business and IT infrastructure We conduct regular reviews of your business requirements All managed services are monitored 24x7x365 Access to monthly reporting Regular consultations Remote and/or on-site support options

Computer Security

Our security solutions cover managed antivirus, data backups, software patching and more. Digital and computer security should be your business's most important IT consideration! At iScape, we do not take security lightly and it is our top priority for our clients. Our team is ready to assess, design and deliver security services to secure your most valuable information and electronic assets. Why is security so important? With the emergence of smartphones, mobile users and the ever increasing use of the internet, security is a major concern for all businesses no matter what size. Risks to businesses include data breach, service disruption as well as identity fraud which all lead to significant financial loss, productivity decline and brand damage. Also, businesses have an obligation to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of their own client's data and information. What do you need to do? Understand your security requirements Develop a security management plan to suit your specific business environment Regularly review your plan to address any changes to your business and IT infrastructure Security covers many aspects of your IT infrastructure. Each aspect cannot be addressed in isolation and your security management must take a holistically approach. Each component in your security plan must satisfy a specific requirement however it must also compliment all other security measures. With a solid security plan in place, iScape can then recommend industry leading security products that defend your network perimeter, intranet and business applications to significantly reduce your exposure to security risk. iScape are your security experts! Network firewalls Network security including monitoring, DoS protection & intrusion detection Internet security Email security Web security VPN access Managed & standalone antivirus Spam protection Server backups Desktop backups Cloud backups SSL certificates


Private IP networks, secure remote access, managed devices, wifi, VPN services and connection fail-over. The iScape team can assess, design and deliver networking solutions for your business. Our team has experience deploying high speed local networks using wired and wireless technology. Do you have a remote office or a mobile workforce that needs a constant secure connection to you corporate IT resources? We can recommend and organise the right WAN solution, from simple VPN access to an extended private IP network or cloud network. iScape is regional based and therefore we understand the challenges businesses face connecting to the internet. We can setup and maintain business grade ADSL/ADSL2+ connections or recommend higher speed solutions provided by the NBN. If your connection to the internet is critical and you cannot afford connection downtime, we can discuss redundant fail-over options available to you. We sell and service reputable networking equipment at a price that will suit your budget.

Software Development

There is another side to our business! A side that sets us apart and perfectly compliments our service delivery team. Did you know that iScape can provide world class software development services at rates well below big city prices? The development team has extensive experience working with the Australian Sugar Industry and the Queensland Mining Industry. Whether you require the development of a large scale project or a website to advertise your business, iScape can deliver! Our approach to software development is simple. We work closely with our clients to understand their exact requirements, we investigate the best technologies to achieve those requirements and finally we implement and deliver the agreed solution. Throughout the process, our clients are kept in form and up to date with progress. We believe the more our clients are involved in the process the better the outcome. All of our developers are specialists in Microsoft technologies and we apply Microsoft best practices to the software we develop. What can you expect? Personal service and a commitment to a successful project outcome. Ongoing support - We stand by our work throughout the development and testing phases and post implementation. We provide training, support and ongoing product enhancements. Experience and expert advise from certified and accredited software professionals. We are a Microsoft Silver Application Development and Midmarket Solution Provider Partner. What types of applications can we deliver? Server applications Standalone desktop applications MVC web apps Mobile applications Web services Azure cloud based services SQL database applications Joomla websites Our software development skills and technologies we use everyday... Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Framework software development platform C# & VB programming languages SQL database server Business intelligence & Reporting Services Microsoft Azure cloud platform XML, Java, HTML/CSS Resharper Jira - Agile project management Source code control


Efficient communication is key to any business. Providing an open, effective and reliable communication system for your employees and clients is the life blood of your business. More and more, business communication is occurring on multiple devices and platforms simultaneously, from traditional phone systems to IP phones. mobile phones and web based technologies such as skype and facebook. How does your business communicate? Is it time to consider other communication options? It is important to ensure that your communication systems are integrated whilst fulfilling specific requirements. Options are available to integrate telephone, video conferencing, email, instant messaging on both fixed and mobile devices to create a unified and intelligent collaboration environment for staff, clients and suppliers. iScape has a range of solutions to suit all business needs and budgets. iScape can assist with the following communication products... Email Hosted PABX & telephony Business mobile phone plans Business data plans Video conferencing Instant messaging Social web apps Business web apps Collaboration applications

Internet | Domains | Hosting

We can organise and setup your business internet connection, purchase and manage your domain names and website hosting. iScape understands the internet! iScape offers a complete internet service. We have established long term relationships with a number of Australia's premium ISPs, hosting providers and domain name registrars. We have taken the hard work out of finding the right service for your business. Talk to iScape about... Selecting the best ISP plan to suit your business requirements Securing a domain name for your business Managing your domain name Organising hosting for your website & email accounts Domain name renewals

Business Audits

We can conduct a detailed audit of your current IT infrastructure and report back our recommendations. Why conduct an IT infrastructure audit? Conducting an IT infrastructure audit is very valuable and important for small to medium enterprise businesses. In essence, an audit is a snapshot of the current capabilities of a business’s network (hardware, software and data) at a specific point in time. The information collated in an audit can be used to identify those capabilities that are adequate, and more importantly, identify deficiencies in business productivity and potential business risks. Included in the audit are recommendations to minimise, and mitigate where possible, any identified risks. What does our audit cover? IT system availability & risk assessment System security & confidentiality Information integrity - accurate, reliable & timely Network layout Hardware asset register Software asset register Data assets Backup policy & management Disaster recovery plan Device naming convention Labelling Detailed documentation Power protection Email archiving User management Audit recommendations