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Thanks for considering trusting Integrity Pest Control with your pest management. We specialize in the control of Ants, cockroaches, Spiders, silverfish & fleas. We also protect homes & businesses from rodents, can relocate possums from your roof and have a unique Cane Toad treatment, when needed. We also provide an Air Con Cleaning service to compliment our Pest Control Services.
We are a family run business; both my wife and I were born here in Mackay and are proud to be raising our 7 children here as well. We have been in business for over 15 years (in various forms) so we understand the importance of customer satisfaction, when you partner with us you are not just paying for a service, you are expecting a result, and that’s what you will get - The Pests are gone! We have a range of treatment plans to suit your needs, and we provide warranty on all treatments
Our customers often comment on the thoroughness of our service, we love to go above and beyond what is expected, for example in our signature “General Pest Treatment” we not only treat inside & outside your home but also your roof void (which many of our competitors do not) So, next time you require pest control services in the Mackay region, give Integrity Pest Control Mackay a call on 0429623315 or book instantly @ https://integritypestcontrolmackay3542.setmore.com

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Tick & Flea Treatment

This is a complete Tick & Flea treatment to all areas of the home & yard to which pets have had access. This treatment is a requirement at the end of a tenancy when pets such as dogs or cats have been present.

General Pest Treatment: Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Silverfish

General Pest Treatment includes inside, outside, roof void and shed. Our 12 month warranty on this service covers Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants and Silverfish

Rats & Mice (Rodent Treatment)

Starts with a thorough inspection, treatment can involve tamper proof rodent bait stations, snap traps or live-catch traps depending on budget & customer preferences. We can also arrange proofing of entry points.

Possum Relocation

Possum relocation involves inspection & detection, setting & collecting traps (usually set in afternoon & collected next morning) proofing access is recommended & can be arranged after relocation.

Termite Inspection & Report

Termite Inspection & Report as per Australian Standard 3660.2-2017 This is a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of a property, it's roof void, subfloor, fences, trees/stumps and outbuildings etc , for the purpose of reporting on termite activity/workings and damage. Specialist equipment such as radar, thermal imaging and moisture detection equipment is used as necessary. A Termite management proposal will be provided at no additional cost if recommended.

Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection & Report

Pre-purchase inspections are visual timber pest inspections, which are carried out according to Australian Standards AS 4349.3-2010 They involve inspecting the property & grounds for wood borers and fungal wood decay, as well as termites. The inspection is also looking for signs of damage and any conditions that are conducive to pest activity. Our standard equipment includes a donger or “tapper” for sounding wood and a moisture meter for detecting leaks and areas of moisture, which can be attractive for termites. However, we also use our Termatrac device and Flir thermal imaging camera to investigate any suspicious areas.

Wasp / Bee Treatment

Targeted treatment for problem wasps or bees, it is available as a stand-alone treatment or as an add-on to a General Pest Treatment

Mosquito Treatment

Our Mosquito treatment is designed to significantly reduce mosquito populations by treating all outdoor surfaces upon which they may contact.

Fly Treatment

Our fly treatment targets key problem areas of your property such as Kitchens, patios and bin areas as well as doorways and entry points. The treatment involves targeted fly baiting as well as a residual barrier for maximum effect. It is available as a stand-alone treatment or as an add-on to a General Pest Treatment

Green Ant treatment

Our Green Ant Treatment involves treating all trees & shrubs on your property as well as any other areas they frequent. It may take up to a week to have cleared all Green Ants on the property as the active constituent is passed through the colony to ensure total colony control. This treatment is also available as an add-on to a “General Pest Treatment”

Termite Management Systems (Barriers)

Termite Management Systems we supply & install include: various chemical, reticulated and baiting systems.