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Hudson Air Conditioning

Hudson Air Conditioning is based in Mackay, Queensland. Specialising in all of your Air Conditioning requirements, including supply, installation, servicing and repairs. Covering Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning.

We are also Toshiba and Carrier Dealers and Warranty Agents.

Our Mission Statement: To provide top quality products and materials leaving you with an air conditioner that you can rely on. Providing friendly and honest service that you know you can trust.

The Hudson Air Conditioning Difference - Our Guarantee to You:
* Quality products and materials to ensure the best outcome for you
* Tidy workmanship complimented with honest informative advice
* If your air conditioner is faulty and we can't diagnose the issue, we won't send you an account
* All of our air conditioners that we supply to you and install come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty
* We're always up for a chat, so give us a call

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Air Conditioning Repairs
Air Conditioning Maintenance and Servicing
Pre-Purchase Inspections
Air Conditioning Sales
Day Care Centres Air Conditioning Management
Commercial Air Conditioning
Hotel Air Conditioning Management
Supply of Air Conditioners and Materials to the Public and The Tradie


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Air Conditioning Supply and Install

We can supply and install your new Air Conditioner, passing on our trade discounts to you! Over the years we have found Toshiba Air Conditioners are by far the most reliable product on the market. The units come with a 7 year manufactures warranty for all installs as of 1 May 2020. With Toshiba being our top of the range product, we also offer a cheaper brand, Carrier. Carrier is manufactured by the same company who makes Toshiba. These units are a great product, budget friendly and appeal to Mackay rental properties, where you need a reliable unit, with pricing kept in mind. These units also come with a 5 year manufactures warranty for all installs as of 1 May 2020. We can also replace your RAC / Box Air Conditioner as well. Even though Split System Air Conditioners are more efficient at cooling, sometimes due to room configurations and costs, replacing your RAC / Box Air Conditioner is the easiest option.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Part of the Hudson Air Conditioning Mackay Difference is that we make a commitment to you that, if we cannot diagnose the issue with your Air Conditioner, we won't send you an invoice for our call out. Our Director, Todd is an exceptional Tradesman and can diagnose any issue. Sometimes, the cost of the parts far outweigh the cost of replacing the unit, when you consider the warranty included in purchasing a new Air Conditioner. Below is a pro con list to help you decide if your unit is suited for a repair or if you need to replace the unit.

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Servicing

We recommend having your Air Conditioner serviced at least once a year. In between services we recommend that you remove your filters and wash them. If you pop into our Mackay showroom we can show you how to pull the filters out. Why should you service your Air Conditioner? • When you’re using your Air Conditioner it will start to build up with bacteria, fungi and mould. By cleaning your Air Conditioner you’re making sure that you are breathing clean air. • The mould and fungi will also clog your drain resulting in your Air Conditioner leaking from the indoor unit. • Servicing your Air Conditioner is like servicing your car. If your Air Conditioner is well maintained it will increase the Air Conditioners efficiency and longevity. The Hudson Air Conditioning Difference!! Our services are a ‘full’ service, but what does that mean? • We use a pressure cleaner with a drop bag which means that there is no mess left at your property. • After our service your Air Conditioner will be sparkling like new again. • All mould, bacteria and dust is removed. • We conduct an evaporator coil treatment. • We flush the drain and clean the filters. • We use a special drain tablet which is put into the condensate tray to assist with blockages and prevent fungi, mould and bacteria forming in the drain pan.

Air Conditioning Pre-Purchase Inspections

Air Conditioning Inspections for Purchasers Moving into your new home to find that your Air Conditioners aren’t working is disappointing. Hudson Air Conditioning Services can conduct an inspection on your Air Conditioners at your new property either before you enter into a contract or while you’re under contract. We will provide you with a report with the following information: • Are the Air Conditioners working efficiently? • Do they require any work at the moment? • Are they clean or do they need a service? • Are you going to need to replace them in the near future? We will also provide you with a quote for any recommended work. Please note that your Contract will most likely not be subject to an Air Conditioning Inspection and should be used as a reference. Please chat to your Conveyancer about your Contract terms. House Inspection Cost $135 including GST

Air Conditioning Sales

We can also sell our Air Conditioning units direct to the public. We stock a large size range of Split System Air Conditioners in Toshiba and Carrier. Please give us a call for our latest stock list and prices or drop into our Mackay showroom.

Air Conditioning Safety

We take safety seriously. Whether it's Silica Dust or Coronavirus we are equipped to keep you safe. When undertaking any core drilling into block we use our M Class Extractor Vacuum to remove all dust while drilling, protecting you against silica dust. We also use the correct PPE. Keeping up with hygiene is paramount. We have a policy that employees must wash their hands prior to going into your property and also once they leave. We also make a commitment to not send any employee to you that is unwell and in the interests of keeping our employees well, we also check in with you to make sure that you are also well.

Day Care Centres

Understanding the importance of Air Conditioning within a child care centre covers a number of aspects: • Safety • Blue Cards for all staff onsite • Coordination with careers and the Director of the centre • Flexibility in working times to fit in with the children’s schedules • In Summer, the urgency to get there quickly to avoid small children breaking out in heat rash and becoming uncomfortable – once you report a breakdown we will either be out to you that day or the following day if you are one of our clients on a maintenance schedule. We are committed to our Mackay and surroundings day care centres that we manage and understand that there are a number of factors that must always be considered, the biggest of all, is safety for your children. Due to this, we can offer after hours work or work around your children’s schedules. Call us to organise a site inspection and Quote on a maintenance contract.

Commercial Air Conditioning

We have a great team and because of this, we have the pleasure in being able to manage your commercial Air Conditioning. We offer a range of services from service maintenance contracts, repairs to installations. Once you report a breakdown we will either be out to you that day or the following day if you are one of our clients on a maintenance schedule. Understanding that Air Conditioning is imperative to your business, not only for your customers but your staff as well, is what sets us above all the rest. Similarly, we also provide residential Air Conditioning.

Hotel Management

We have the pleasure of managing a number of hotels in Mackay. There is no doubt about it, Air Conditioning is essential to your hotel. Issues with Air Conditioning results in rooms down and annoyed guests, which then results in lost revenue. We offer service maintenance contracts which we suggest to be conducted every 6 months. Noting that in between this time, filters should also be cleaned to ensure the units continue to operate effectively. If your housekeeping doesn’t have capacity to do the filter cleans, we can also arrange this for you. We are well equipped to handle all of your repairs and replacement units.

Supply of Air Conditioners and Materials to the Mackay Public and The Tradie

Having a warehouse stocked with air conditioners allows us to sell our units direct to the public and tradies at trade prices. As we are Dealers with Toshiba and Carrier we can pass our Trade Discounts onto you. Following the sale of your unit, we can also manage any Warranty Claims for you. We can also supply you with all of your brackets, piping, ducting and wiring by the metre. Please give us a call for our latest stock list and prices or drop into our Mackay showroom.