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Fresh Eyes Financial Coaching

At Fresh Eyes Financial Coaching I will help you build resilience into your business plan & personal financial plan. A plan to shelter from the inevitable storms. If you don’t have a plan we will develop one. It can involve setting goals and knowing what success looks like to you – and building in milestones to get you there and celebrating when you do!

We will build and/or challenge budgets and forecasts; we will get comfortable with the numbers.

Smart business can be about reaching out to a professional for a monthly review or an adhoc review. It can mean creating visibility in your profit and loss statement that you didn’t know you were missing.

It’s about ensuring you have time to spend working ‘on’ your business and outsource where necessary.

I can be your live or virtual Financial Coach, an Operational Accountant working with you to continuously improve, reducing non-value-added activities and costs - and making your levers visible. Let me help you thrive!


Financial Coaching
Management Accounting
Profit Optimisation
Cashflow Management
Budgeting & Forecasting
Financial Modelling
Process Improvement & Streamlining


Jan Bode
Jan Bode
Business Coach

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Financial Coaching with Fresh Eyes

Financial Coaching for small/medium sized businesses and individuals. #fresheyes Coaching of both business and personal nature essentially looks at your goals and sets material steps to achieve them eg debt reduction. Take the step to financial freedom whilst being empowered with tools to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

Management Accounting with Fresh Eyes

Management Accounting is practical accounting within the operation in real time. #fresheyes Would you like to have an accountant on board to help your business with monthly reviews and day to day decision-making but can't afford the overhead? Let me work with you to achieve your goals in as little as a few hours a month.

Profit Optimisation with Fresh Eyes

What is profit optimisation? It's just what it sounds like. It's not about how much you earn; it's about what you spend your hard earned revenue on & how you go about it. #fresheyes

Cashflow Management with Fresh Eyes

What are the 3 most important words in small business? Cashflow, Cashflow, Cashflow. #fresheyes Many great businesses have fallen due to Cashflow. Not because they were not great concepts, in a good market etc etc. Purely Cashflow. Let me have 'Fresh Eyes' on your Cashflow. The choices are not always the obvious ones. Be prepared before interest rates rise. If this rings some bells give me a call TODAY!

Budgeting and Forecasting with Fresh Eyes

Budgeting is a plan for the coming year. Forecasting is a plan allowing for known variances. The two of these can be much simpler and quicker than you think after you lay the foundations. They can also be much, much more valuable than you imagine. #fresheyes Want a loan? You need your financials - Profit and Loss Statement & Balance Sheet generally. Imagine if they were ready when you need them rather than a mad scramble? Plan for your future.

Financial Modelling with Fresh Eyes

Want to start a new product range and it feels good but you don't know 'if' it makes money? #fresheyes Your original Budget is a good starting point to build from. It is a foundation block. With some fancy excel skills - which I've got! - you can have a model that allows you to tweak your inputs (hours/number of units etc) for your optimal work/life/profitability. Don't leave it to chance! #fresheyes

Process Improvement & Streamlining with Fresh Eyes

Are you always working 'in' your business and don't know why things take so long? Do you have processes that you need reviewed with #fresheyes? I've worked in this field in both administration environments and in a more complex manufacturing environment. Imagine getting that time back into your day? Are you willing to invest in making that happen? Allow #fresheyes to find you TIME.

Business Plans with Fresh Eyes

Do you have a Business Plan? Is it current? #fresheyes Does your Business Plan include: * Vision, Mission & Values * Who you serve * Goals * Pillars Does it include a Risk Assessment or do you have a separate Risk Assessment based on your Business Plan? * Goals