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FNQ Carpet Cleaning

Cairns Floor Cleaning (FNQ Carpet Cleaning)
At Cairns Floor Cleaning, we consider it our responsibility to provide support and valuable contributions to the quality of peoples’ lives beyond the scope of our operations within our 5-floor areas. The role that a clean, safe and hygienic environment plays in making people happy cannot be underestimated.
Our Vision
We believe everyone has the right to live and work in a clean, safe, enjoyable environment. We believe it is important to look after people.
Our Values
Respect: Cairns Floor Cleaning is an inclusive organization where people of all creeds, nationalities, and abilities are welcomed and respected on their merits.
Responsibility: We strive to act with integrity towards our staff, our customers, the community and the environment.
Caring: a duty of care for our staff, customers, and the environment.
Excellence: At Cairns Floor Cleaning, we seek to provide the best quality experience with regards to our cleaning and our customer service.
Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability.
Cairns Floor Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Objectives

The fundamental objectives to our business when delivering world-class cleaning and customer service, are as follows:
• Providing our customers with professional and friendly service.
• Exceeding the expectations of management, staff, and client’s guests at their office, building, or facility.
• Implementing Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IIRC).
Allowing us to offer carpet steam cleaning, tile and grout steam cleaning, and vinyl floor stripping & sealing if required.
• Not only do we provide fully certified, industry-leading commercial cleaning solutions for businesses of any size, but we also offer ongoing support facilitated by innovative and progressive systems.


Carpet Cleaning
Tile Cleaning
Grout Cleaning
Rug Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Strip Vinyl Floors
Seal Vinyl Floors
Floor polishing
Office Contracts
Commercial Contracts
Stain Removal
Liquid Stains


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Cairns Floor Cleaning has an extraction system that allows your carpet to dry faster than ever before. It is our goal to provide the best innovative and highest quality carpet cleaning service available in Cairns and surrounding areas. We want our customers to have peace of mind knowing that we deliver an excellent customer service experience, which then makes them excited to share with family and friends.


Rugs are a great way to instantly add character to almost any space, which is why they are a favorite investment for homeowners. However, dirty rugs can look unsightly, and can contain germs, bacteria, allergens, and tiny bugs that cause serious health risks if not addressed right away. Regular rug cleaning is a must.


When you need an in-depth couch cleaning or efficient lounge, armchair, or sofa stain remover, we are at your disposal. We specialize in this work. Our customers will always receive a polite, trustworthy, and always ready to share their knowledge on the best upholstery maintenance. Rest assured, we will treat your possessions with care and work hard to impress you. Steam cleaning for heavily soiled furniture.


Our technician will vacuum clean your tiled area to remove any loose debris. This is followed by the pre-treatment of the tile and grout by applying an alkaline-based degreasing solution. This will be left for 20 minutes to enable penetration to loosen grease, soil and contaminants. Power scrubbing the surface comes next. The technician only uses a specialised brush to agitate the grout lines and tile surface to ensure the dirt and grime is released. We will ensure the edges and baseboards are covered also, making the entire floor have a great result. Once the scrub is finished, a high-pressure rinse will follow. This will make sure that any soiling on the tile and grout is washed away with a high-pressure, hot water extraction process.


When dealing with vinyl & hard floors we apply a professional sealing process. We carefully remove the layer of hardened sealer. A machine scrubber is then used to clean the vinyl/hard floor before carefully applying new layers of sealer. Buffing then follows making your floor look its best.