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Essential Balance Remedial Therapies

The vision of Essential Balance is to set a standard in Remedial Therapies in Townsville, by providing people with effective alternative and complementary treatments. Remedial Therapist Bronette Minelli provides a range of natural alternatives to orthodox
health treatments, with a range of modalities being used to deal with chronic pain and health issues.

Back Pain? Neck Pain? Relieve it NOW! Bronette is a highly Qualified remedial Therapist specialising in Back and Joint Issues using SCENAR and Dorn Spinal Therapies. Essential Balance Remedial Therapies specialises in providing a range of professional SCENAR and Remedial Therapy Treatments, to people living in the greater Townsville area. From back and neck pain to migraine and much, much more.

Pain is a warning - not a way of life!!

Whether it is a client who has tried it all before and still is in pain, or someone who only sought natural treatments when it came to their health concerns, Bronette’s professionalism and commitment to their health & wellbeing is exceptional.

Our Philosophy

At Essential Balance Bronette provides remedial body work therapies, that are specific to the needs of individuals living in the Townsville region. Bronette regularly consults with people who wish to take ownership of their health and well being so that they may enjoy an active, healthier life.

Essential Balance is synonymous with hope and results - a way to attain a more balanced and healthy existence. So what are you waiting for? Just give us a call today 0419213131 to organise your appointment.

Why Come & see Bronette?

"Knowing I can help people with chronic pain lead happy lives without drugs is something I find great joy in. Living with poor health, or injuries can be trying to say the least. I have met many clients who tried physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, surgery and medications only to find the pain persisted. The ironic thing is, people often decide to 'give my treatments a go' as a last resort and find it one of the most effective! My name is Bronette Minelli. My passion is promoting healthy living in Townsville and surrounds to people of all ages. I would love to help you, or someone you know who is looking for a natural alternative to medication or surgery to ease their pain"
- Bronette Minelli

Opening Hours

Tue to Thu 10am-5pm.
Other Times by arrangement.


Bronette I’m wanting to give you an update since my visit Thursday.
Not much happened Friday, drank plenty of water as you advised.
Woke up Saturday morning with a bit of a head ache but my bloating went from an 8 Friday to a 1. Truly felt so much relief!
Ate and drank normally on Saturday and Sunday and still no sign of bloating. Had some crapping on Sunday and a little diarrhoea, but only the once.
Again today feel great, no Bridgette Diary pants today ?

Cathy Markwell 17 September 2018 Townsville.

“In 2012 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. At the time I was told that having regular chiropractic adjustments would be helpful. My body was in such a bad way that for 18 months my body would not hold an adjustment for more than a day or two so 3-4 adjustments a week was quite normal. Gradually my body was able to hold an adjustment for a week. Earlier this year I started managing to go for fortnightly adjustments. Today I had my appointment. I decided not to tell Michael (Chiropractor) about my appointments with Essential Balance for SCENAR Therapy as I wanted to see if he was able to notice any difference. The adjustment was one of the quickest and Michael finished by saying: "Gee that was really good this week Jo you hardly needed anything done."

Since 2012 I have tried all kinds of therapies and spent thousands in an attempt to get back my health, all promised great things but the results did not come.
So I was not confident when I decided to try SCENAR Therapy with Bronette Minelli at Essential Balance Remedial Therapies.

The second treatment was really quite amazing to me. I had woken with a headache and nerve pain travelling up the back of my neck and head. My thinking was I should stay home as I really doubted that this was going to do anything in fact I was concerned it might make things worse. But 1 hour after the treatment there was literally NO PAIN.

We have a beautiful daughter with a disability and she is going on a holiday in September. My husband has been very keen for us to have a holiday as we haven't had one for 23 years. I have been very reluctant to commit to a holiday as I have been concerned that I wouldn't cope with constant pain in unfamiliar surroundings. But after the last treatment I actually feel hopeful for the first time in a long time that a holiday is possible.”
August 2017

“My sleep journey…
I have experienced constant fatigue since my early 20s and after many checks was advised to constantly check my Thyroid and Iron levels.
Doing this over many years, nothing changed – even though those issues were in the family.
Over the last 24 months, the symptoms started to affect me more than normal and I found a doctor who listened and after more blood tests and my insistence, I was referred to a sleep clinic – I was starting to get depressed.
Initially, they looked at me strangely as I wasn’t your typical candidate for Sleep Apnoea – not overweight, no other illnesses. So they did a study and I had severe Sleep Apnoea, I stopped breathing 48 times / hour.
Luckily my path crossed with Bronette and Scenar. It took about 9 sessions before I noticed a real result but I can happily say I AM AWAKE. This is a feeling I can’t remember having, my eyes are open and alert – I now know when I’m tired it is real, not something I have to continue to push through.
Bronette was always positive about the little changes – me not so much…. But I had nothing to lose.
Thank you so much Bronette and your Scenar treatment for waking me up. It really feels like a miracle and those that haven’t experienced it – probably think I’m nuts. I’m scared it will end so I’ll continue to have monthly top-ups.
My sister thinks I’m taking some illegal substance…. I’ve been so excited and those close to me can see the change.

Thank you; you are a miracle worker! ”
Hyde Park Qld
August 2017

Hi Bronette, just wanted to let you know whatever you did with my treatment yesterday was very powerful (it certainly cleaned my bowels out) & my ear is a lot better, thank you so much. Wishing you a speedy recovery for your broken foot - at least you have the SCENAR to treat yourself, take care

Diana Warner 28 July 2018 Townsville

Hi Bronette, Thank you for my SCENAR treatment again today. One big thing I noticed driving home is that I can actually turn my neck freely to look right. My neck has always been so stiff. It's a miracle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rita Edwards 10 July 2018 Townsville

"Hi Bronette,
First thanks again for your support. I really did not know what to expect out of the SCENAR therapy but I believe it is really good!!!!. I’m noticing changes in myself and energy which is amazing!
I will say I have changed a few things previous to SCENAR, however the treatments have been a wonder for following through with the changes. Pain has gone from 7 to nothing and recovery after workouts is fast. THANK YOU
Kind Regards”
JJ Polit
Naturopath and Wellness Coach
June 2017 Townsville

"Dear Bronette,
Just writing to say thanks for the way you have helped me recovery from recent illness with SCENAR therapy. I really believe my recovery would have taken longer if I tried orthodox therapy. As I was not sure whether SCENAR was worth a go, a good friend highly recommended you as a SCENAR therapist in Townsville and lucky me I visited your clinic. I now know in future if I need to get back on my feet and recover quickly I will be not only having more SCENAR therapy sessions but recommending it to others in Townsville."
- Cat Jones, November 2011

"After a car accident in which I suffered a broken back, leg and knee I have suffered terrible lower back pain I had tried desperately to get relief, with minimal results. Dorn Spinal Therapy and SCENAR have not only given me great relief, but lasting relief!"
- A Reid, Deeragun Townsville.

“2 sessions of Dorn Spinal Therapy with ‘Essential Balance Remedial Therapies’ has given me better comfort, mobility and stability to my back than several months of chiropractic sessions. Instead of constantly worrying about aggravating my back, I can now concentrate on getting work done!”
- A Diffey, Townsville

“I absolutely recommend ‘Essential Balance Remedial Therapies’ because their services are premium quality, they’re professionally trained and they really do deliver what they say they will. Fantastic!”
- L Hartley, Townsville

“Before seeing the staff at ‘Essential Balance Remedial Therapies’ I had pain in my left hip, arm and hand. I’ve had excellent results from the first treatment onwards and am now so much more relieved and happy.”
- C Barrett, Townsville

“Thank you Bronette. I am thankful you introduced me to SCENAR therapy. I am impressed.”
- Pat Donald, Townsville

“Before I came to ‘EssentialBalance Remedial Therapies’ I experienced a lot of ongoing lower back pain, from scoliosis of the spine and a twisted and raised pelvis. Needless to say, I was not in the best of shape. I had for years visited chiropractor, doctors, physiotherapists you name it……I have tried it. My wife went to ‘Essential Balance Remedial Therapies‘ for SCENAR treatment and Dorn Spinal Alignment and afterwards suggested that I try it as it gave her fantastic relief from an upper back problem.

At that stage I felt as though I would be living with pain forever and my only choice of living pain free would be daily medication which I was not entirely happy with. (Anyone who lives with constant pain knows the emotional complications it can bring, so I don’t need to go there.). Now after regular treatment, postural and exercise and stretching advice from both Bronette I am a different person. I have been through the Dorn Spinal Therapy that has helped to realign my back in conjunction with SCENAR treatment. I have sustained excellent results and now with the application of Myofascial release massage and Myofascial Dry Needling I am again living with some flexibility and am generally pain free (although I do push it to the limits sometimes) – I can certainly see the light at the end of the tunnel”
- David, North Ward Townsville

"The individual attention and help you get from ‘Essential Balance Remedial Therapies’ is excellent and I recommend the services to anyone suffering chronic pain – especially those who have been given very little hope of ever being pain free”
- Lim, Townsville

“I am learning that good service is increasingly difficult to come by… but it makes you appreciate a good business all the more. So, a very big thank you. The excellent treatment, professional service and genuinely thoughtful and helpful people at ‘Essential Balance Remedial Therapies‘ set you apart from many. I have nothing but positive things to say to others in regards to you. I will be recommending you to friends.”
- Nicky, Townsville

“Since the needling work you did on my right Achilles and calf, there has been a significant improvement in flexibility and a reduction in the amount of pain in the Achilles. On the other hand the left heel (which wasn’t needled) continues to be a problem with no real improvement. I know I was skeptical about the Myofascial Dry Needling but I am glad that I took your advice on having the treatment and will definitely seek more as necessary in the future – anything to keep me running!”
- Gerry, Townsville

“At most times, I am a sceptic when alternative health processes, procedures or equipment are presented as a positive or source of remediation to ailments such as the numbness and swelling of my foot as the result of my cardiac surgery to harvest a vein from my leg for the two bi-passes.I am astounded at the results achieved by Bronette with the SCENAR electronic passive treatment administered today.I am now a very serious devotee of the SCENAR treatment. What else can I say………immediate accountable results. I am confidently recommending the SCENAR treatment for ailments such as mine.”
- Barry, Townsville

For more information about any of the professional Remedial Therapies that we provide or to organise your next appointment, just give us a call 0419213131

Diploma in Remedial Massage, Brisbane Holistic Health Centre
Certificate in SCENAR Professional Therapy, Level III
Certificate SCENAR Holistic Health & Integral Beauty
Certificate in ENAR Therapy
Advanced Certificate in Dorn Spinal Alignment
Certificate in Myofacial Dry Needling

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