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Cozie Homes-Holiday Letting

At Cozie Homes, we understand owners’ needs because of our own personal experiences. We started out on Airbnb with a single room in our own house. Our success with this single room inspired us to let an entire floor, offering a cozie, self-contained apartment in our Queenslander. This eventually became two apartments, and we then spent a couple of years creating the perfect formula for maximising bookings and customer satisfaction.

A year later, we bought a second property and repeated the formula, to great success. Now, a few years down the line, we are a fully licensed real estate agency with a plethora of awesome properties, which we manage on behalf of their owners. Each one unique in its own way, sympathetically handled to reflect the style and personality of the owner.

With a strong background in hospitality and Cairns-focussed tourism, we really do have what it takes to make your guests feel welcome and happy during their stay. Our attentive, professional approach generates regular 5 star reviews to maximise ongoing revenue for you.

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Listing Creation

In property Marketing, image is key. We’ll engage a talented professional photographer to showcase the very best aspects of your property using stylish and engaging still or video camerawork. And we’ll further maximise your property’s appeal with thoughtful, appetising messaging that will give your guests an irresistible taste of what they can expect.

24/7 Guest Communication

From the first enquiry to the check out, we are always on hand to help guests with their needs and wants. Being local to Cairns, we are never too far away to attend urgent requests from your guests.

Professional Housekeeping

Professional Housekeeping by our in-house team will ensure your property is cleaned to the highest standards – our aim is complete guest satisfaction.


We will monitor the day to day status of your property and report any property maintenance issues back to you for appraisal. These issues will be resolved through the team at Cozie Homes, or by you, the owner, if preferred.

Restocking of essentials

Cozie Homes restocks all depleted household essentials after every visit. This ensures that your new guests can relax and have a worry-free stay with everything they need at their fingertips.

Professional linen

All the linen needed for your property is provided by Cozie Homes and professionally laundered for each new guest stay.

Guest Screening

We will meet and assess your guests on arrival to ensure that they match the standards you expect for visitors to your property. It’s all part of our meet and greet policy, designed to ensure new guests are suitable, and are fully aware of the house rules for the property.

Revenue Optimisation

Local letting rates can be quite dynamic, changing quickly with market fluctuations. Cozie Homes constantly monitors market trends, and updates Guest Rates on a regular basis, taking into account all aspects including current availability, school holidays and local events.

Property Styling

A stunning first impression – that OMG ‘sharp intake of breath’ – can make all the difference in generating great reviews, higher revenues and reliable repeat business. We are partnered with ‘Deja Vu Designs’ to help our guests with honest priced property styling. Whatever your budget, they can provide a matched Property Styling option designed to help you choose exactly the right furniture, fabrics and features to enhance your holiday home – whether you’re furnishing a property from scratch, or simply adding those eye catching finishing touches.

Property Upkeep

With Cozie Homes, you have the option to be as hands on or hands off as is suitable for you as a property owner. Ongoing tasks such as pool and garden maintenance can be looked after by us, with each property priced to its individual needs.

Compliance certificates

Smoke alarm and pool compliance certificates can all be taken care of by us at the cost to the owner.