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Cates Chemist

Cates Chemist are a small group of three community pharmacies in Townsville. North Queensland. We provide medicine, first aid and health supplies; manufacture dose administration aids, community and corporate vaccinations; pharmacist consultations, internet sales, delivery and mobility device hire and sales.

Business Information


Medication Packing. Largest local manufacturer of Dose Administration Aids
Cloud-based medication profiling and charting systems.
Sleep Apnoea testing
trials and sales.
Veteran Health. Veteran Owned. Supply of RPBS medication and DVA compliant devices.
Aged Care Facilities.
Closing the Gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
Mental Health.
B2B healthcare services.


Paul Willis
Paul Willis

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Medication Packing

Largest local manufacturer of Dose Administration Aids using automation, secure, cloud-based medication profiling and charting systems.

First Aid, Wound Care & OHS supplies

A large range of First Aid Kits and supplies. A large range of wound care and medical supplies for the consumer and medical practice. I large range of Occupation Health & Safety (OHS) or Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) supplies including drug testing kits. A large range of COVID Safe supplies for the patient, consumer and business.


Vaccination for the patient and businesses.

Mobility Device hire and sales

Crutches, wheelchairs, shower chairs and more.


Local delivery 5 days a week.

Sleep Health

Sleep Apnoea Testing, bulk billed. CPAP Equipment Trials and Sales.