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Bugwash Property

At Bugwash Property, our mission is to help and inspire one million Aussies to enjoy an early successful retirement through strategic property investing.

We are experts in this space and are helping our clients to solve the ever increasing financial crisis - to bridge the widening gap between the retirement nest egg that they will HAVE and what they actually NEED to retire comfortably on.

We help our clients to build wealth both inside and outside of super, using equity or cash to invest in property and along the way, eliminate owner occupied debt and minimise the tax they pay.

The founders of Bugwash Property have mastered the art of investing in residential property. It is no secret that property markets go through cycles. Understanding the cycles, and knowing the indicators, is where the ‘science’ comes in. An in-depth understanding of this process, means that Bugwash Property can take better advantage of property growth to effect massive results for our clients.

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Property Investment

The founders of Bugwash Property have mastered the art of investing in residential property. It is no secret that property markets go through cycles. Understanding the cycles, and knowing the indicators is where the ‘science’ comes in. After much research and personal experience, the team at Bugwash Property have put together their best representation of how property cycles work, using a Property 'Clock'. Our clients don’t need to become experts in the property clock. The basics are, that when a property market reaches its peak and goes full cycle again, reaching its peak a second time, properties will have roughly doubled in value. Historically, this takes somewhere between 7-10yrs over the long term. In almost all cases, the only time properties are rising in value is through the ‘Boom’ phase. This means for a large part of the time that people own property through an entire cycle, the property is either not making any progress forward, or even going backwards.

Wealth Creation

By working in property cycles that are ONLY in rising markets, we can fast-forward the time that it is taking for property values to double and help people create wealth over a much shorter period of time. Our goal is to far exceed the growth of just average property markets using this model.

Eliminate Owner Occupied Debt

Owner Occupied Debt is the debt you have on the house you live in. Like most people this is a long-term debt (generally over 30 yrs) with the hope of having everything paid off come retirement. There are no tax advantages with owner occupied debt. By utilising the power of residential property investing, the prospect of eliminating your owner occupied debt in less time, is a very real possibility.

Minimise Tax

There are many tax advantages through investing in residential property. These go towards minimising the weekly running costs of the property. Once you are free of any Owner Occupied debt, any profits from the sale of your investment property after paying out your debt, plus equity in your (now debt-free) owner occupied property, can be utilised to purchase other investment properties, with the many tax advantages and the continued power of capital growth.

What We Invest In

The founders of Bugwash Property are not your average investors. They are always looking at investments that will achieve the highest returns possible whilst enjoying the most capital growth. As such, they don’t generally invest in the ‘traditional’ style of properties. They are always looking for a unique type of property, a unique location or a combination of both. As the Founders are always investing in the same types of properties in the same areas, you can be assured of them helping you find the best opportunities possible. Clients get the benefit of their wealth of experience not only in choosing the right properties, in the right markets, at the right time, but also in ensuring properties are managed by the best property managers available.

Self Managed Super Fund Setup & Management

At Bugwash Property, we have partnered with the best in the business and through these partnerships, have been able to secure the lowest cost service when setting up Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) for our clients. We have also secured the lowest cost annual tax return and audit fees to ensure that our clients are in the best position to build wealth and grow their assets inside super. We then help our clients to invest in the asset class of residential property, again using our tried and true formula for fast tracked wealth creation.