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Big Mike's Mobility For Life

Big Mike's Mobility For Life provides sales, service and repairs to all mobility, disability and daily living aids to the elderly and disable persons through out North Queensland. We are a family owned and operated business with a strong focus on customer service and providing quality products and services.

Business Information


Mobility Scooters
Wheelchairs - power and manual
Medical beds
Lift chairs
Patient hoists
Daily living aids
Service and repairs for mobility scooters and wheelchairs
Service and repairs for medial beds and lift chairs


Mike Adlaard
Mike Adlaard
Home care support services
Mike Adlard
Mike Adlard
Community Care & Support Services
Vice President

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Mobility Scooters

Sales, service and repairs for all new and 2nd hand mobility scooters. We carry a large range from small fold up scooters to large all terrain scooters.


Manual and Powerchairs, small travel chairs, pull-a-part chairs to large full scripted wheelchairs. We also service and can modify all brands regardless of where it was purchased from.

Daily Living Aids

From non-slip socks to hygiene wipers, Incontince products, bendable utensils, drinking cups and non slip plates. we stock a very large range of items and if we don't have it here we can get it for you very quickly.

Medical Beds

We stock the Avante bed bases which are known for their strength and reliability. Forte medical mattresses are Australian made by an Australian owned company, providing real comfort and quality. If you need a quality bed or mattress come in a trail what we have here on display.

Lift Chairs

We have some of the best sit to stand and stand to sit lift chairs on the market, from light weight to bariatric we cater for all.