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Alman Partners

Alman Partners has been providing financial solutions and advice since 1985. Based in Mackay, Alman Partners have recently added a presence in Brisbane. Our team offers effective strategies on investments, superannuation, retirement planning, wealth management and more.

As a privately owned firm acting as your fiduciaries, you can rely on us to provide advice that is in your best interests. We are not licensed through the providers of financial products, which allows our firm the objectivity to select the most appropriate solutions available market-wide. Holding our own Financial Services Licence gives us greater capacity to put clients first, effectively removing potential conflicts of interest.

We are pioneers in the industry, offering a fee-for-service model that provides clients with exceptional transparency and wholesale investment solutions.

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Superannuation Advice
Retirement Planning
Private Wealth management
Investment Second Opinion
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Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) Professional Practice
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Second Opinion Services

With all the complexity and volatility of today’s financial markets, research shows over 80% of investors don’t really understand their current portfolio’s risk characteristics. They are unsure of where to find objective advice, and generally don’t know what the total costs are. Alman Partners gives you the opportunity to get a second opinion on your situation. If you are in good shape, we will tell you to stay where you are. Our advisers will also list areas of concern and key issues we have identified, so you can address them with your current adviser. If we believe we can add significant value to your situation, we will also provide you with a comprehensive proposal, outlining our advice and implementation processes.


Superannuation – all workers have it. But why is it important to be engaged with your super? Alman Partners can help you build a brighter future with our expert superannuation advice. Australia is one of the few countries in the world to have a three-tier strategy for retirement funding. Australian retirees generally rely on a mix of personal savings, a government pension (such as the Age Pension) and superannuation. With a population shift occurring (meaning fewer taxpayers to support more retirees) and longer average life expectancy, the government pension will be placed under even more strain moving forward. This means getting involved with your superannuation is an important strategy for funding your retirement. The super system can be quite complex and seeking superannuation advice from a professional is money well spent.

Investment Advice

Not sure how or where to invest your money? Alman Partners can provide you with expertly tailored investment advice. We will work with you to develop clear and effective long-term investment strategies whilst considering: - Any Existing Investments - Asset Allocation - Diversification across Asset Classes - Your Risk Tolerance Our highly qualified advisers will guide you through your investment experience, providing education along the way on how markets work, including inevitable volatility and the emotions that associate with this.

Financial Planning

Alman Partners can help you and your family achieve financial security through our tailored financial solutions. Specialising in business and personal financial planning, we can provide you with a high probability of achieving your financial dreams. Our team has expert knowledge and experience in the following areas: - Wealth accumulation - Tax planning - Gearing - Finance and loan structures - Loan consolidation - Redundancy planning - Estate planning - Cash flow and budgeting