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24-7 Electricians

24-7 Electricians exist to assist people with their power & electrical issues. We are available to assist, where possible.

A phone call will be answered & from there we will discuss your situation. A decision will be arrived at, regarding whether the electrical issue can be resolved with assistance over the phone or via a site visit.

Electric Shock reports & check inspections can be arranged should they be required.

Smoke alarms, safety switches, surge diverters etc can all be discussed with us should the need arise.

Electrical issues can be difficult to comprehend, not to mention inconvenient at times. We understand that people are "at sea" with many of these things, hence our presence in our community, & our availability to assist.

Business Information


Electrical maintenance
Smoke Alarm installation
Switchboard & Safety switch upgrades
Pre purchase Electrical inspections
Cold water (should be hot) - Electrical - repair
Lighting - internal / External repairs / installations
Power Use & Condition assesment
Surge / lightining arrestor install
Generator change over facility install


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Attend power failure

Answer calls about loss of supply to parts or all of an installation.

Smoke alarm install

Assist to determine requirements prior to expense - ensure wisdom in making smoke alarm installation decisions.

Surge / Lightning protection

Advise & assist in deciding what is suitable for protection from over voltage threats.

Safety Switch upgrade

Assist to determine suitable safety switch selection for installation requirements.

Generator Change over Facility

Assist to determine technical detail associated with install of generator connection facility's.